I want to remind the world that this, the best video ever created ever, exists.
And I now somehow have the most liked comment.
Of over 4800 comments, mine is the most liked. 

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Fake Celebrity of the Day: In a genius — and also horrifying — social experiment, not-famous Thomas Elliot donned a hoodie and some buddies for a Saturday outing at a Virginia mall. Before long, his entourage was being escorted by mall security and trailed by “fans,” and several stores even closed their doors for private shopping. The video “is just a taste of all the autographs, pictures, and people who wanted get close to all the commotion.”


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I may have just died of laughing too much

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Top 5 Misconceptions: Being British

Everything you Need to Know by WheezyWaiter

Sorry if I’ve already posted this, I just really like it.
 - Megan 


At first, I was laughing. Then I was crying. :(

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Stop-Motion Thing of the Day: Crazeddadman and his wife (crazedmomwoman?) are back (previously), taking their stop-motion bookcase organizing skills to the next level at Type Books in Toronto.

He writes:  

Everything you see here can be purchased at Type Books. Grayson Matthews generously composed the beautiful, custom music. But none of it could have been done without all the volunteer hands who shelved and reshelved books all night, every night.




This is a bookstore coming to life.


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A must-watch video about the bullshit that is SOPA, and how you can stop it. 

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